Today's blog post is about total inspiration and I how I found it by accident.

One day, while browsing the internet, I came across a woman talking about makeup.  I figured I'd listen, as I was actually trying to find a new foundation to work with my skin.  When that video was over, I went to Instagram to check out her insta posts.  I was reading a few of her posts and thought, "Wow....what she says is so real!"  Not only did she talk about makeup, but she spoke about how her life has grown into what it is today.  This girl is the real deal!  

I contacted her regarding the foundation that I wanted to try.  She got right back to me, and before you know it, I was the proud owner of a wonderful foundation that I absolutely love.  I also met someone that should consider herself a life coach!  

The makeup is part of it, but this is really about social media and finding inspiraton with someone's words.  This came at a time in my life where I was struggling with the idea of reopening my shop (It was on hiatus for a bit) and doing what I love to do.  This also came at a time that the oldest Bow was heading off to college, the middle Bow was going into his second year of high school, and the youngest Bow was heading into 2nd grade.  I just felt overwhelmed.  I am one of the people who think social media can be a great thing, especially for meeting people, keeping family and friends from afar caught up on our lives, and for promotions of products.  It is also a great thing to "meet" someone on social media that has totally transformed my view of thinking and looking at certain things.  Her words have made me take that "go for it" attitude and give it all I got!  Yes, it is ok to fail....and if you do, get right back up again and keep trying.

Point is.....if you're totally against social media, give it a try.  You'll never know who you will meet. :)

If you get the chance, head on over to visit her at  Her name is Jocelyn and not only will you get great ideas regarding makeup, you'll get great inspiration for life and what we may face on the daily.

Life is, sleep, handmade!

~The Gingham Bow

photo credit: @haizelcreations

bracelet: The Gingham Bow-

other jewelry: Jocelyn's own

This photo is used by permission by Jocelyn @fitmissionmakeup